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Can You Call Your Divorce Lawyer Without Being Billed?

There are many questions to ask when hiring a divorce attorney. But here’s one you may not have thought of: Is there an assistant you can call for questions without worrying about being billed?

Many lawyers bill for everyone in the office, even when all you need is to ask a few questions about the status of your case. Not at our office, where Andrea is available and answers questions – without adding it to your fee.

She is the live person you’ll usually hear first when you call. We don’t do automated voices unless all lines are busy.

Andrea is a trained paralegal and our general office assistant. She files cases, calls clients to remind them of upcoming hearings and appointments and completes hundreds of other essential tasks that make our office run smoothly.

If clients call with a legal concern, Andrea refers them to me. Otherwise, she answers questions like, “Why is it taking so long for my hearing to be scheduled?” Answer: Hillsborough County only has eight judges in its family law court; this is why it can take two to three months for hearings to be scheduled.

Some people are more nervous than others. They call for assurance that everything is going to be OK. They call to say they are afraid of seeing their spouse in court. They call to ask why their spouse has to see all their personal financial information. Answer: it’s a requirement of the court for spouses to exchange details about financial status.

They call about domestic abuse. Andrea reminds them that when domestic abuse actually occurs, it’s imperative to call 911 first and not our office. If necessary, we will advise clients to file for a restraining order, but for the sake of their immediate safety, their focus should be on calling 911.

I’ve found our clients love Andrea because she is empathetic. She tells me one of her secrets is that she talks to nervous clients like a friend. Everything will be all right, she reminds them, and she mentions that she was once a single mother, too.

That’s the philosophy of our law office when we help clients go through a divorce. Our overriding goal is to get you and your children, if you have them, to the best place possible for creating a renewed life.

At the Jeanne Coleman law firm, we’ve specialized in family law and Social Security disability for more than 30 years. Call (813) 253-2820 for a free 20-minute consultation if you need an expert attorney and legal team.

See Andrea’s biography listed under the ‘Our Associates’ section on our Attorney Profile page.

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