No Confusion with Pizza Fusion!

Continuing our monthly tradition of discovering new green restaurants, this month we visited Pizza Fusion in downtown Tampa, the second in our series! They pride themselves on using fresh natural food; they offer a 75% organic menu; they are eco-friendly, they use renewable energy; all this and more while providing quality service.

The atmosphere was fantastic, it was well lit, and there were big windows, which allowed plenty of sunshine! The seating was cozy and close but not overly so– I didn’t have to be too close to anyone I wasn’t already friends with. The temperature was comfortable and the earth and nature quotes on the walls were inspiring and provided a friendly and welcoming aspect to lunch.

Lunch started off calm and quiet, but as time passed and more people arrived, the noise grew. For me, it was a little hard to hear my co-workers across the table, but Chris didn’t have any complaints.  The noise level won’t keep me from going to the restaurant again.

The food we had was definitely messy, but great!

Jeanne got the Fusion Veggie Wrap with balsamic dressing. Her comment was, “It’s so messy, but it tastes fantastic!”

Andrea had the Turkey Club sandwich. She really liked the fact that there was arugula on the side of the sandwich, allowing for a little “greenage,” and definitely a little bit of a healthier aspect to a less healthy meal.

Chris had the original lunch special, which was a cheese pizza with balsamic vinegar, pears, Gorgonzola cheese and walnuts. When asked what he thought of his meal, the one thing he had to say was, “Well… there is nothing left!” Thank you, Chris! So, he clearly enjoyed his meal!

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