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May is Bike Month

May is Bike Month. I am an avid cyclist supporting the League of American Bicyclists, the Florida Bicycle Association, and the Rails to Trails Conservancy. Once again I am saddened that 2011 is another year I can’t safely bike from Temple Terrace to my office on South Howard. Please contact your federal and state representatives to support safe cycling for adults and children. Maybe you were one of those kids who was able to ride your bike to school remember how great that was! When I go on an organized bike ride in another state, cyclists always ask me “isn’t Hillsborough County the most dangerous place to ride in the entire United States”. Regretfully, I answer “yes”. Last weekend I cycled past the ghost bike on Fletcher Avenue where the veterinarian was killed riding his bike in the bike lane. Almost every day I pass by Admiral Collins’ ghost bike at the corner of Cleveland and Hyde Park where he was killed on his bike. Let’s make Hillsborough County a good place to bike. Cycling is fun, healthy and environmentally responsible. Please watch out for us out there on the road and join us if you can.