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New Innovative Green Products!

The other day, as I was shopping for some printer paper, I found treeless paper. I thought to myself, “This is awesome!” As a person who is very interested in new green products and more ways to help our environment, I had to buy it. After buying it, I decided to do a little more research on it.

The paper is called “TreeFrog ‘Treeless’ Paper.” It is made up of sugar cane and bamboo fibers (70% sugar cane, 30% bamboo fiber), all of which is recycled, leading to a smaller carbon footprint. What’s even more awesome about this paper is that it can be recycled just like paper that comes from trees.

The paper is considered “premium copy paper.” When I bought it, I had my doubts such as, “Is it really the same quality as tree paper?” After using it, I was pleasantly surprised; there was absolutely NO difference at all in quality. What’s even better? It was the same price as paper that comes from trees, can’t get any better than that! Also, their website is pretty cool.

After realizing that this huge innovation in terms of green products had happened, I decided to look further into other green innovations. These are the top three products that I found:

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  1.  As crazy as it sounds, they have made an office chair that is 94% recyclable. The Aeron office chair is made by Herman Miller. It’s pretty awesome, but it’s also pretty pricey. It sells for $689.00. But hey, you can’t put a price on keeping the environment safe.


2.    They have come up with a hand-powered paper shredder, sold by UncommonGoods. It goes for $24.00, which isn’t too unreasonable. However, if you need to shred lots of paper, you may want to think twice before buying the product. Your hand might start hurting after not too long.

Picture 3

3.    And last, but not least, the Bedol Water Clock, sold by Bedol. This is probably the coolest product I found. It comes in pink, green, black, purple and red. It’s sold for $29.00. They also have different styles and different types of water powered clocks. It runs solely off water, no electricity or solar power necessary!