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Café Dufrain: Green Restaurant

As a part of our going green campaign, once a week the office is going to restaurants that consider themselves sustainable. This week, we went to Café Dufrain on Harbour Island.

Café Dufrain considers itself sustainable and has a menu that is 75% sustainable. What does that mean? It means that 75% of what they serve is organic or locally grown. Therefore, creating business for the community and helping keep our environment and community sustainable and healthy.

Cafe Dufrain picture 1 menuThe restaurant is located right on the water, overlooking the water and downtown. It has boat access as well as road access.

When we got to the restaurant, it was small, but cozy. It was pretty full, but not full to the point where it felt crowded. Since it was cool outside, we decided to enjoy the fresh air. That was until we realized how cold it was with the ocean breeze. When we asked to go inside, our waiter was kind and patient, joking about how he was cold too and understood exactly why we wanted to move inside.

There were four of us and the table was comfortable. We weren’t bumping arms, and there was plenty of room for us to eat without feeling like we were impeding on each other’s space.

Chris got the Zahtar Rubbed Lamb burger, Andrea got the Bun-Mi Turkey burger, Jeanne got the Peruvian Shrimp Salad, and I got the Chicken sandwich (I know, it sounds boring compared to how awesome theirs sound.) These all came with homemade chips.

The wait for our food was not long at all, and when it came out, it was presented beautifully, not to mention it smelled absolutely fantastic. After everyone got their food, we dug in. The food was fantastic, not only the main meal, but the chips as well! Even the ketchup and mustard for our chips were presented in small ceramic (I think they were ceramic) cups on thin ceramic plates. I don’t eat very much, but I had no trouble finishing my entire meal! To be honest, we all finished everything on our plate.

All in all, the food was fantastic, the atmosphere was wonderful, the company was great and to top it off, it is a sustainable restaurant! How does it get much better than that?

Oh, and, of course, we all got in the green spirit and carpooled in Jeanne’s Chevy Volt!

Cafe Dufrain picture 3 going to Chevy Volt