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Uncontested Cases

Jeanne also handles uncontested family law cases when people have agreed on all issues but need help drafting the legal documents and obtaining a final judgment. Because of conflict-of-interest rules, Jeanne can represent only one of the parties. The person who hires Jeanne can provide details of the agreement, then Jeanne will draft the legal documents to send to the other party to review. If the other party is satisfied, they sign and return the documents to Jeanne. She will file the documents with the court and obtain a final hearing date, where the court will issue a final judgment based on the filed agreement.

The documents which Jeanne prepares are: Petition, Settlement Agreement, Notice of Related Cases, Uniform Child Custody Affidavit (if children are involved), Answer and Wavier and a Final Judgment.

You and your spouse/partner will complete your own financial affidavits, parenting plan, and calculation of child support according to Florida child support guidelines.

I can represent only one party because it is a conflict of interest in Florida for an attorney to represent both parties. If you are my client, you will give me details of the agreement you have reached with your spouse or partner. I will then draft a Settlement Agreement, which will be sent to your spouse or partner for review.

After the settlement agreement is approved and signed by both parties, I will file it with the court, along with the Petition signed by my client, and schedule an uncontested hearing date for the court. I will prepare the Final Judgment that incorporates the settlement agreement, for the judge to sign at the final hearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for an uncontested case?

Come to an agreement with the other party on all the issues. If you can’t agree, it is not an uncontested flat fee case.

Write down the agreement. If there is a Parenting Plan, fill out the Parenting Plan form and all parties sign it.

Complete the questionnaire on this website.

Fill out the Florida Supreme Court required financial affidavits and sign them in front of a notary.

Calculate child support using Florida’s child support guidelines.

For an extra charge, we can help you prepare the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet.

Supply information on where the child(ren) have lived for the last 5 years and with whom including time periods and addresses. This information is necessary for preparation of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Affidavit, a required document.

What is the cost of an uncontested case?

Unless there are complicated issues, the cost is a flat fee of $2,800 plus the filing fee for the Clerk.

For this flat fee, I will prepare the Petition, Settlement Agreement, Uniform Child Custody Enforcement Affidavit, Notice of Related Cases, Answer and Waiver, and Final Judgment. After all documents are signed, I will file the papers and obtain an uncontested final hearing time. I will appear with you for the uncontested final hearing which is generally conducted by Zoom and you will testify. The Court may ask questions and if the Court approves the documents, a final judgment will be entered.

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