Family Mediation, Collaborative, and Uncontested Matters

I understand the stress of family law conflicts and the advantages of resolving legal issues peaceably without draining the family’s financial resources. With more than 40 years of experience in assisting people with their family law issues, I can support you by acting as a mediator or collaborative lawyer. I also prepare settlement agreements in uncontested cases and prenuptial agreements.

Jeanne L. Coleman

Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator

I can help you reach an agreement in a confidential, safe environment compared to going to court where a judge will make decisions about your finances, children, and your life.

I handle mediations virtually or in person and can serve as your neutral mediator or collaborative attorney. I also assist clients in helping to prepare an uncontested settlement agreement or prenuptial agreement.

My expertise as a family law litigator and involvement in hundreds of mediations equips me to bring insight and skill in helping people resolve their disputes outside of the courtroom. In most judicial circuits, mediation is required before going in front the judge. Mediation is a critical opportunity to come to mutual agreement. It typically costs less than working through disputes in court.

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TestimonialsWhat Clients Are Saying About Jeanne L Coleman

“…If I could describe Jeanne, I’d say that she is very intelligent. She is very thoughtful and thorough. She is easy to talk to and she makes a bad situation feel a lot easier than it really is.”

G.W. Tampa Client

“Having Jeanne and her staff helped me get through the up-and-down moments I was feeling. They were a caring legal team who I could trust, and were always there for me when I needed reassurance and direction.”

J.V. Tampa Client

“Hiring Jeanne gave me peace of mind. It all worked out in the end. I’m now divorced and pretty happy.”

E.R. Tampa Client

“During a divorce, you’re so anxious and stressed that sometimes you don’t even know what to ask. Jeanne helped me think of things that I hadn’t considered, like the fact that I needed to write a new will after the divorce. Because our divorce was amicable, I believe it’s possible now for my ex-husband and me to be flexible. My daughter doesn’t hear her parents being angry. I feel that I came out of my divorce with everything that I had hoped for.”

AX Tampa Client

“Jeanne’s goal is to represent her clients fairly and to keep things amicable as much as possible so that everyone gets what he/she needs and the children are kept uppermost in mind as priorities–which is how it should be. Jeanne is straightforward, matter of fact, knowledgeable, and supportive.”

AVVO Client Review

“The Coleman Law group were much like a really supportive family at a dark and tragic time in my life. No detail was overlooked and for the team’s effort, my life is back on course and moving forward.”

AVVO Client Review

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