“I consulted Jeanne about getting a divorce, even before I decided to go ahead with it. One of my biggest concerns was about child custody. She explained to me that Florida law requires timesharing instead of assigned custody with a primary parent. The idea is for children to spend half their time with each parent. To me, that meant my child would have two homes, and I would see less of my daughter than I wanted. It was something that I wasn’t prepared to do. Because of that, I didn’t do anything to proceed with a divorce for another two years. Then it reached the point where trying to stay married wasn’t working either. I went to see Jeanne again and this time decided to move ahead.”

A.X. Tampa Client Review

“When my sons were small, I learned that my husband had a drug addiction. He worked in a professional job, so this would have surprised a lot of people. But in our home, life was falling apart. His behavior was getting worse and worse, and I worried about my children and what would happen to us. It was a very chaotic time and we finally separated. I didn’t know what I would be able to do or where to turn. An attorney I talked to recommended that I see Jeanne Coleman because of her background. He knew that I would probably need someone who could be tough because of my husband’s addiction and difficult behavior.”

V.X. Tampa Client Review

“I thought about getting divorced for 10 years before I went to see Jeanne to talk with her about representing me. I wanted her as my attorney because it was general knowledge in the community that she is a champion of women in divorce issues. I’m a man, but I thought to myself Why not have the best? Later as her client, I learned that she truly doesn’t have any biases related to whether you are a man or woman. If you are her client, she is on your side.”

R.W. Tampa Client Review

“My questions were always answered precisely, correctly, and quickly. For me, the most difficult decision I faced was child sharing. Jeanne offered a number of suggestions with specific models and carefully went over the pros and cons of each possibility. The plan we opted for was readily agreed to by my ex-husband and has worked perfectly over the last two years of separation and divorce. Jeanne kept things moving in a timely manner when they got stalled on the other end. I think, mostly importantly, Jeanne’s goal is to represent her clients fairly and to keep things amicable as much as possible so that everyone gets what he/she needs and the children are kept uppermost in mind as priorities–which is how it should be. Jeanne is straightforward, matter of fact, knowledgeable, and supportive.”

AVVO Client Review Review

“Jeanne Coleman, Andrea, and Chris were gracious in the services they provided me and maintained much-needed diplomacy on my behalf; especially when the required recall of cause and concerns in my case became emotionally overwhelming for me. During the term of my case I learned Jeanne is more than just an expert in law, she has had a lifetime of extraordinary experiences; she supports environmental causes and promotes compassion for life and support for the family. She is a true advocate for equal rights. The whole team was highly productive as my case became complicated with decades of detail and was then compounded by the opposed…When my case stretched out with continuance thru the holiday season, Jeanne upheld my interest above her own and she will always have my highest regard.”

AVVO Client Review

“I was referred to Jeanne by my previous attorney, who had to have surgery three weeks before going into court. I was devastated at the thought of a new attorney taking my case so close to my court date. My divorce was a 3-year process with my ex-husband taking me back for full custody of the kids. I met with Jeanne and she made me feel confident that she could take my case. I was kept informed throughout the process. Jeanne always gave me options on how to handle the case, I was given the pros and cons of each option, allowing me to decide based on expense and time frame. My case was quickly resolved without court. This was leaps and bounds better than a prior firm that worked my case in the past.”

AVVO Client Review

“I always introduce Jeanne as the person who saved my life. She was the first attorney who didn’t give up on me. I filed for divorce three times in another city before I moved back to Tampa, only to never go back to the lawyers’ offices after starting the process. You’d think the lawyers would have wondered what happened to me – but none of them ever called to find out.”

V.S. Tampa Client Review

“I’m in the military and I first went to JAG, the legal office on base, to get information about divorce. I decided to go ahead and find a private attorney. JAG can help with paperwork and advise, but they won’t go to court for you. I asked around because I didn’t want to just pick out someone from the yellow pages. I wanted someone who knew what they were doing in court and was referred to Jeanne. What I like about Jeanne is how she is very no-nonsense. She made me feel comfortable by explaining how the divorce process works in Florida.”

E.R. Tampa Client Review

“When I consulted with Jeanne, I told her I wasn’t happy with my marriage. I had been married for 39 years. You know, we can all love. But when that love doesn’t include happiness, love will die.

Jeanne explained how divorce law in Florida requires spouses to split assets 50-50. The facts were pretty cut and dry and nothing that couldn’t be worked out. Jeanne gave me the tools to work with so that my spouse and I could come to an agreement.”

J.V. Tampa Client Review

“My husband had already filed for divorce when I talked to Jeanne. She was the first attorney who I interviewed and was recommended by someone who had used her before.

The divorce was uncontested, but I felt that I needed an attorney just to make sure that everything was OK.

My husband and I have three children and I had been a stay-at-home mom.”

G.W. Tampa Client Review

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