Yes. There is life after divorce.

We can help you get there.

We provide the skilled, sensitive and confidential support that allows you to clearly consider your options and make rational, productive decisions.

For those who wish to engage in Collaborative Law, a process in which all involved commit to settlement without litigation, we can serve you.

Sometimes, protecting your interests requires the toughness to go head-to-head with a hostile adversary. When called for, our aggressive negotiation skills and trial court experience will serve you well.

However, we believe you are best served when respect for all individuals is preserved. That success can be achieved without vengeance. That moving through the process with dignity is the way to “win.” That the purpose of the process is to achieve a resolution that frees you to go forward with your life.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation about your family law matter.

Not just process. Resolution.

We are focused on the end goal: to translate your decisions into actions that will successfully resolve your case.
We develop a positive case plan designed to meet your legal needs and personal goals in an ethical and productive manner. Our firm will guide you in making rational, objective decisions as we work together to resolve your family law, social security disability, or criminal defense problems.

Sometimes, you only need legal advice for a portion of your case. We also provided “unbundled” services—handling specific motions or providing consultation.

It’s a team effort. And you’re on the team.

Trust, communication and teamwork are keys to the working relationship we will develop with you to achieve your goals.
We’ll collaborate to determine your goals, assess your legal options and develop a case plan. At all times, we will keep you aware of the progress of your case as we also carefully monitor your goals and case plan to ensure that your selected course of action continues to meet your present needs. Open communication between you and our firm will remain a top priority until your case is resolved.

The bottom line.

Our fee structure and the way we conduct business is intentionally designed to keep the financial costs of divorce reasonable. There are some firms that see divorce as an ongoing opportunity to churn fees. We are not one of them.