Children and Divorce

Depression in Men-Is it Different?

Do men and women experience depression differently? Yes, says psychologist Terrence Real, who wrote a bestseller nearly 20 years ago: I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression. One reason to understand depression, in how it manifests in women and men, is because this common disorder can have a...

Are You Living with Someone Who is Bipolar?

We’ve all heard someone say, “I’m just in a bad mood today.” Sometimes, the mechanics of life–scheduling demands, work, and school expectations, family obligations can all seem “too much”. These are the types of triggers that can affect those with a predisposition to the spectrum of disorders called bipolar.  For some, depression and mood swings occur...

Are You Living with a Narcissist?

Many times I have encountered clients who describe initially meeting their marriage partner and being attracted to the amazing confidence, charm, persuasion and control displayed by that person. Over time, the clients describe coming to know someone who is preoccupied with fantasies of power and success, possessing an inflated sense of entitlement, often envious of...

Can Custody Agreements be Changed?

Can custody agreements be changed? I have a client whose daughter no longer wants to visit her dad, despite a shared parenting agreement that splits her time with both parents. The daughter is 13 and, as anyone who has raised a child probably knows is entering a time of life when priorities change. For a...

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