A Transgender Child And Divorce

Some time ago, my client “Debra” came to me for assistance with her divorce. She had a 10-year-old child and was living with her parents after separating from her husband. Every divorce is unique, but hers would involve a child-related issue beyond figuring out child support and visitation. She had a transgender child, who had...

Preparing for and Attending Your Mediation

You are finally at the point of going to mediation What do you do to be prepared? There are practicalities, such as knowing where the mediation will take place? If the mediation session is virtual, do you have the link to log in? And after you log in, will you have privacy? The mediator will...

Transgender Children and Their Needs

Note from Jeanne: As a family law attorney, I take care to acknowledge the uniqueness of my clients and their needs. This includes families with transgender children. As part of my continuing education, I’ve attended presentations on transgender children and family law and learned the needs of transgender children during their parents’ divorce are not always...

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