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Divorce for Middle Aged Couples

What is a Collaborative Divorce: A Guide for Middle-Aged Couples How can middle-aged couples navigate the challenging process of divorce with less confrontation and more amicability? Collaborative divorce may be the answer. This post will explore its benefits and provide guidance for couples going through this process. What is Collaborative Divorce? Collaborative divorce is a...

10 Pitfalls of Divorce Mediation You Need to Be Aware Of

10 Pitfalls of Divorce Mediation You Need to Be Aware Of Divorce mediation is supposed to be a civilized way to end a marriage. But, unfortunately, anyone who’s been through a divorce knows that things can go wrong in many ways. So, as a mediator who’s seen it all, compiling a list of the top...

A Transgender Child And Divorce

Some time ago, my client “Debra” came to me for assistance with her divorce. She had a 10-year-old child and was living with her parents after separating from her husband. Every divorce is unique, but hers would involve a child-related issue beyond figuring out child support and visitation. She had a transgender child, who had...

Preparing for and Attending Your Mediation

You are finally at the point of going to mediation. What do you do to be prepared? Pre-Mediation Questions There are practicalities, such as knowing where the mediation will take place. If the mediation session is virtual, do you have the link to log in? And after you log in, will you have privacy? The...

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