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The Simplest Way to Reclaim Your Maiden Name

If want to reclaim your maiden name after divorce, be sure to tell your attorney. That way, your lawyer can request this as part of your divorce petition. It’s the simplest way to change back to your birth name and how I’ve helped many clients who want to do this. Your legal name change will go into effect at the same time your divorce is finalized by the family law judge.

Many times I have encountered clients who describe initially meeting their marriage partner and being attracted to the amazing confidence, charm, persuasion and control displayed by that person. Over time, the clients describe coming to know someone who is preoccupied with fantasies of power and success, possessing an inflated sense of entitlement, often envious of...

Same Sex Marriages Are Legal in Florida – Now What?

Since the U.S Supreme Court recently legitimized same sex marriage in every state, courts will now be grappling with related issues that tread new legal turf in family law cases.  Premarital agreements, parenting responsibilities, and property rights are three issues that readily come to mind. Prior to the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision, many same...

Legal Advice for Same Sex Couples

Thanks to our United States Supreme Court, same sex couples now have the same right to marry, divorce, and timeshare with their children as opposite sex couples. All states will recognize legal marriages of same sex couples performed in other states. In fact, maybe the day isn’t too far off when the term “same-sex” is...

New Federal Rights for Same-Sex Couples

As more and more states recognize the rights of same sex couples to marry, the federal Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division has now stepped up to the plate and issued a new Final Rule permitting any legally married person to take federally protected leave from employment under the Family and Medical Leave Act...

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