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Legal Advice for Same Sex Couples

Thanks to our United States Supreme Court, same sex couples now have the same right to marry, divorce, and timeshare with their children as opposite sex couples. All states will recognize legal marriages of same sex couples performed in other states. In fact, maybe the day isn’t too far off when the term “same-sex” is no longer even used.  Marriage will simply be the legal union of two people … period.

In the meantime, same sex couples are rejoicing and asking questions about their legal rights. Do I need a prenuptial agreement? How does my new spouse become the legal parent of my/our children? I want to divorce my spouse … will I have to pay alimony? Can I get alimony? How much will my child support payments be? I lived with my spouse for 15 years before we were able to get legally married 7 years ago … will my marriage be considered long term for permanent alimony purposes? I don’t want my soon to be ex-spouse or ex-partner to have time-sharing with our children … what do I do?   I’m not the legal parent of my partner’s children, but I’ve helped raise them for the last ten years … can I get court-ordered time-sharing even though I’m not married to my partner?

Many family law firms will initially lack the expertise to advise and handle these sensitive topics. The Law Office of Jeanne L. Coleman has considerable experience in handling same sex relationship legal issues and over twenty years of family law, dependency, and social security litigation experience. Listed in the Alternate Yellow Pages, Jeanne Coleman is ready today to advise same sex couples regarding prenuptial agreements, adoptions, step-parent adoptions, domestic violence or stalking injunctions, divorce, timesharing and any other family law, dependency, or social security related issue that arises in the context of your same sex relationship.

Call her office today for a free, confidential twenty-minute consultation, and take the guesswork out of your legal questions. Effective legal planning today can save you considerable legal expense and emotional turmoil in the long run. Call Jeanne today at 813-253-2820 or contact her via the web at www.jeannecolemanlaw.com.


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