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Should Unmarried Couples Purchase A Home Together?

Many unmarried couples today view home ownership as a highly desirable goal for the same reasons that married couples want to own their own home. The purchase of a home by an unmarried couple is more legally complicated, however, than a married couple’s home purchase. There is no question that if you are close to...

Is Cohabitation Illegal in the State of Florida?

In light of recent articles surfacing, unmarried couples who live together in Florida may be very surprised to learn that they are breaking the law. Chapter 798.02, a law that was passed in 1868, prohibits unmarried opposite sex couples are prohibited from cohabiting without marriage. This is a law that is still in the books and...

There was a time when premarital agreements were reserved for the absurdly wealthy and the many-times divorced. Judges and attorneys routinely discouraged “regular” couples from entering into premarital agreements, as these documents were deemed “anti-marriage.” However, this is no longer the case. Today, many couples enter into premarital agreements. Property division A premarital agreement can specify how...

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