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My first collaborative divorce training was a two-day basic course in November 2013 in Miami, followed by a second training in March 2014. Since then, I have continued to hone my skills through attending the International Association of Collaborative Professionals conferences. I found the training to be inspiring and motivating. It helped me realize there...

Jeanne L. Coleman explains how the Collaborative Divorce process works and what you can expect. It is wise to understand the options. You will emerge from the collaborative process with a win-win result which preserves family relationships and your assets, keeps your matters private,  and reduces the emotional toll on the family. See the short...

Collaborative Divorce Q&A

What is a collaborative divorce? Collaborative divorce is an alternative to “fighting it out in court.” Instead of being adversaries – where one side “wins” and the other side “loses” – couples in a collaborative divorce create a marital settlement that both can fully accept. No courtroom appearances are necessary during the process of creating...

Announcing: A New Affordable Reduced Rate Collaborative Divorce Program

A recent blog, The Advantages of Collaborative Divorce, discussed the many positive aspects of a collaborative approach to divorce. This multi-disciplinary team approach to dissolving a marriage puts an end to the adversarial court proceedings that can wreak emotional and financial havoc on parties already suffering through a very difficult transition in their lives. Unfortunately,...

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