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Should You Deposit Money Into Your New Significant Other’s Account During a Divorce?

If you are a party to a divorce case, or may be a party in the future, be smart – don’t deposit money in your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s bank account, and don’t spend money on them.  Basic discovery requests by the other party’s attorney will easily uncover these transactions and opposing counsel will be thrilled to disclose them to the Judge.  Even if you think your actions are innocent, a skillful attorney can make it appear that you are dissipating marital assets and abandoning your family responsibilities by diverting need support monies to a new relationship.  Even if there are no immediate consequences to your ill thought out spending, your credibility may be harmed in future hearings.    Judges have long memories your actions may come back to haunt you in the form of an unequal equitable distribution awards, alimony awards, or assessment of attorneys fees against you.    Make sure you watch your step.

If you or someone you know needs help in a divorce case, please contact an experienced divorce attorney .