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Divorce for Middle Aged Couples

What is a Collaborative Divorce: A Guide for Middle-Aged Couples How can middle-aged couples navigate the challenging process of divorce with less confrontation and more amicability? Collaborative divorce may be the answer. This post will explore its benefits and provide guidance for couples going through this process. What is Collaborative Divorce? Collaborative divorce is a...

The Simplest Way to Reclaim Your Maiden Name

If want to reclaim your maiden name after divorce, be sure to tell your attorney. That way, your lawyer can request this as part of your divorce petition. It’s the simplest way to change back to your birth name and how I’ve helped many clients who want to do this. Your legal name change will go into effect at the same time your divorce is finalized by the family law judge.

  The journey of life sometimes takes unexpected twists and turns, especially when you become a parent. Your life at work, at home, as a part of a couple and as a parent will test your resilience and priorities. One important thread that runs through the journey is the need to create a stable, supportive...

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