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Our Law Office is Green!

Jeanne Coleman is a veteran supporter of sustainable and green practices that conserve the environment.  She brings to her office every day her longtime commitment to the environment.  Jeanne, Chris and Andrea follow green office practices in many areas.  Monthly electric and water usage is carefully monitored.  Non-essential electrical equipment, from printers and scanners to the HVAC system, are routinely turned off when not in use.  Thermostats are programmable. Automatic light switches with proximity and motion sensors are installed for all frequently used lights to reduce electrical usage when the lighting isn’t needed.  The office’s kitchen and bathroom fixtures are low flow, reclaimed water is used for the landscape sprinkler system, and the use of hose sprayers to clean windows or sidewalks, driveway and parking areas is banned.  Recycled paper is used for printing.  Toilet paper and paper towels used in the office have recycled paper content.  Most if not all of these green practices can be followed by each of us in our own homes or offices.  Jeanne invites you to do this and share her commitment to sustainable green practices that conserve the environment.