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Divorce and Pets in a Childless Marriage

When a divorcing couple has a pet, but no children, the pet can very quickly assume center stage in a fight for “custody” of the beloved pet.  The warring parties may each envision convincing the divorce judge of how much better care he or she can provide for the pet compared to the other spouse, with a decision...

Myths About Same Sex Parents

Yesterday I attended the AFCC workshop on “Same-Sex Parenting and Children’s Best Interests: Smooth Sailing or Choppy Waters?” The speakers dispelled many myths about same-sex parents, and after, the audience broke into small discussion groups. So, is there really a difference in effectiveness of parenting? The consistent opinion of the participating judges, lawyers, social workers, psychologists and...

Is it Legal to Spank My Child?

We all know that there are both moral and psychological debates about whether corporal punishment is good or bad for children, however we, as lawyers, only examine the level of corporal punishment that will attract the attention of the Department of Children and Families or the criminal authorities, which is what this blog is dedicated to. Do...

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