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Divorce Story: “A Caring Legal Team I Could Trust”

When I consulted with Jeanne, I told her I wasn’t happy with my marriage. I had been married for 39 years. You know, we can all love. But when that love doesn’t include happiness, love will die. Jeanne explained how divorce law in Florida requires spouses to split assets 50-50. The facts were pretty cut...

Cyberstalking Injunctions and Free Speech Concerns

Are you the target of cyberstalking or is a cyberstalking charge being made against you? Call Attorney Jeanne Coleman today for a twenty-minute free consultation.  Cyberstalking is a relatively new legal claim with highly specific legal requirements that can best be met or challenged by an attorney knowledgeable in this field. 

What are the Legal Requirement to File for Divorce in Florida?

Under Florida law, the requirements for filing a divorce action are not complicated. Florida does not recognize “fault,” such as a spouse’s infidelity or squandering of money on an addiction, as a legal grounds for divorce. Florida is a “no fault” state. Instead, Florida requires that your marriage is considered “irretrievably broken.” This fact should...

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