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Cyberstalking Injunctions and Free Speech Concerns

It is an unsettling and acutely annoying situation when another person mounts an online attack on you.  Let’s say it hypothetically begins with a few compromising photos of you from your Instagram account being posted on someone else’s Facebook page.  Then the photo postings suddenly spread to multiple social media platforms.  Friends start to share...

The Bat House in Our Native Plant Garden

The bat house is up! Look for it in our native plant garden, which is now flourishing in the once-empty urban lot behind our office. The triple-chambered bat house is the narrowest “condo” you’ll see, perched atop a 16-foot pole and just waiting for the first bats to move in. Bats like to squeeze into...

What Happens to Your Exclusive Use and Possession of the Marital Home When Your Former Spouse Remarries and Dies?

A common award in divorces is the temporary exclusive use and possession of the marital home until the youngest minor child turns age eighteen or graduates from high school.  Usually the divorcing spouses must sell the home and split the proceeds when the period of exclusive use and possession ends.  Rarely is any consideration given...

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