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Depression in Men-Is it Different?

Do men and women experience depression differently? Yes, says psychologist Terrence Real, who wrote a bestseller nearly 20 years ago: I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression. One reason to understand depression, in how it manifests in women and men, is because this common disorder can have a...

Divorce and Pets in a Childless Marriage

When a divorcing couple has a pet, but no children, the pet can very quickly assume center stage in a fight for “custody” of the beloved pet.  The warring parties may each envision convincing the divorce judge of how much better care he or she can provide for the pet compared to the other spouse, with a decision...

Is Cohabitation Illegal in the State of Florida?

In light of recent articles surfacing, unmarried couples who live together in Florida may be very surprised to learn that they are breaking the law. Chapter 798.02, a law that was passed in 1868, prohibits unmarried opposite sex couples are prohibited from cohabiting without marriage. This is a law that is still in the books and...

What is the Status of Same Sex Marriages in Florida?

On May 9, 2014, Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Laurel Lee refused to grant a divorce to two women who wanted to incorporate a collaborative law agreement resolving all of their alimony and support issues.  The two women were married in Massachusetts but lived in Florida.  Judge Lee relied upon the amendment to the Florida Constitution passed...

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