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No divorce is emotionally painless.  Very few are conflict-free.  But if your divorce — probably like your marriage — falls into the high-conflict category of divorces, you may be married to/divorcing a spouse with a personality disorder and/or is highly manipulative. What is a personality disorder?  My layperson definition would be simply a person whose...

Is There A Psychopath in Your Divorce? (Part One)

The popular view of a psychopath as an extreme anti-social person like a serial killer is misleading.  You may be surprised to learn that you are married to or divorced from a psychopath when you discover that psychopaths can lead very ordinary lives.  In fact, psychopaths are often initially quite charming and entertaining with high...

Is There a Psychopath in Your Divorce? (Part 2)

A recent Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) presentation confirmed what many clients and attorneys have already experienced when a psychopathic spouse is involved in divorce proceedings.  The psychopath’s charm and highly developed manipulative skills too often aid the psychopath in completely misleading the court about important issues like child custody. The children often become pawns...

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