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Is There A Psychopath in Your Divorce? (Part One)

The popular view of a psychopath as an extreme anti-social person like a serial killer is misleading.  You may be surprised to learn that you are married to or divorced from a psychopath when you discover that psychopaths can lead very ordinary lives.  In fact, psychopaths are often initially quite charming and entertaining with high self-confidence and good social skills.  Their love of thrill-seeking initially feels quite adventurous and exciting. The ability to pursue a future spouse and make him or her feel quite special is a finely honed psychopath skill.

Unfortunately for the victim spouse, after the relationship is well-established the psychopath spouse will suddenly morph into a very different person.  Their high self-confidence becomes more grandiose in nature, accompanied by a contemptuous and demeaning attitude toward their victim spouse.  Their sense of superiority, impulsivity and irresponsibility becomes apparent.

The psychopath spouse has no conscience, believing that the end result justifies the means, that rules and laws are made for other people, not them, and that lying is just one tool that can be used to achieve the psychopath’s desired result.  In the deeply flawed mind of the psychopath spouse, any bad outcome is always someone else’s fault.   The psychopath’s pathological lying and manipulation often leave the victim spouse feeling as if they are the one that is crazy and deeply flawed, an outcome fully encouraged by the psychopath spouse.

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