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The Meaning of Transgender

As we all come into the world, biology immediately assigns a role identifying “who we are” by gender. For transgender people, their personal sense of being male or female, or gender identity, is opposite or in conflict with the sex they were assigned at birth. The term transgender covers a spectrum of concepts including people...

Cyberstalking Injunctions and Free Speech Concerns

Are you the target of cyberstalking or is a cyberstalking charge being made against you? Call Attorney Jeanne Coleman today for a twenty-minute free consultation.  Cyberstalking is a relatively new legal claim with highly specific legal requirements that can best be met or challenged by an attorney knowledgeable in this field. 

Can Custody Agreements be Changed?

Can custody agreements be changed? I have a client whose daughter no longer wants to visit her dad, despite a shared parenting agreement that splits her time with both parents. The daughter is 13 and, as anyone who has raised a child probably knows is entering a time of life when priorities change. For a...

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