Divorce Story: “I Had a Seasoned Divorce Lawyer”


Divorce Story: “I had a seasoned divorce lawyer”

I’m in the military and I first went to JAG, the legal office on base, to get information about divorce. I decided to go ahead and find a private attorney. JAG can help with paperwork and advise, but they won’t go to court for you. I asked around because I didn’t want to just pick out someone from the yellow pages. I wanted someone who knew what they were doing in court and was referred to Jeanne.

What I like about Jeanne is how she is very no-nonsense. She made me feel comfortable by explaining how the divorce process works in Florida.

I was worried about money and mostly about my pension. I was relieved when Jeanne told me that nothing is written in stone and my husband wouldn’t automatically get “X” amount. We started the process before I was deployed to Afghanistan. The judge wouldn’t let me get divorced, though, until I got back to the states. A big problem for me was that my husband had abandoned our house while I was overseas and it was in default. He didn’t have a job, and if I had paid the mortgage before he agreed to vacate, it would set a precedent that I was supporting him. Jeanne referred me to a real estate attorney, which I appreciated. I needed to know what to do about taking repossession and protecting my credit rating. A negative credit rating is detrimental when you’re in the military because it can affect your security clearance. My husband also wouldn’t file paperwork and had moved out of state. He didn’t want to hire a lawyer or try mediation.

Jeanne is oblivious to emotional manipulation and filed for contempt. The long and short of it was that I had a seasoned divorce lawyer. I wasn’t worried about the shenanigans he was pulling or what he was up to. She could handle it.

Jeanne is also very efficient and I liked that I wasn’t charged extra every time I had to call her office. Andrea, her office assistant, would answer my questions if she could and I wasn’t billed for extra hours. In the end, I realized I didn’t need to panic about anything. Hiring Jeanne gave me peace of mind. It all worked out in the end. I’m now divorced and pretty happy.”

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