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Mis Viajes En Los Parques – My Trips in the Parks

En 2011 fui al parque más lindo en el mundo -Torres del Paine.  ¿Como he llegado allí?  Fue un viaje muy largo. Empezamos desde Tampa a Miami a Santiago a Punta Arenas y finalmente por autobús a Puerto Natales.  Tomamos otro autobús de Puerto Natales al parque de Torres del Paine. Llevamos mochilas y acampamos...

Why You Should Close Joint Accounts in Divorce

For many spouses, sharing financial accounts is part of being married. In divorce, however, any unclosed joint accounts can cause trouble. That’s why I recommend being diligent in closing open joint accounts. Then following up with the financial institution to make sure your requests are carried out. Here’s an example of a bad situation: A...

  The journey of life sometimes takes unexpected twists and turns, especially when you become a parent. Your life at work, at home, as a part of a couple and as a parent will test your resilience and priorities. One important thread that runs through the journey is the need to create a stable, supportive...

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