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False Injunctions Against Domestic Violence

Domestic violence claims are very serious and can have long lasting repercussions in a divorce case. If your spouse seeks a domestic violence injunction against you, you may be temporarily or permanently forced to leave your home and have no contact with your spouse or your children. Friends and co-workers may suddenly avoid you. Your...

What If My Judge Is Biased Against Me: Part One

Florida judges are supposed to maintain an impartial, fair attitude toward both parties in a divorce or other family law proceeding. Sometimes, however, one party may believe the judge favors the other party and is no longer neutral in the case. Perhaps the judge made a comment about the case or a party or a...

Does Animal Abuse Link with Domestic Violence?

Since domestic violence is rooted in one person’s need for power and control over another person in a relationship, it’s not surprising that abusive behavior toward animals is often found to go hand in hand with domestic violence. In fact, abuse of family pets can often be a warning sign that family members are either...

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