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Client Testimonials | R.W. Interview August 12, 2016, Tampa FL

I thought about getting divorced for 10 years before I went to see Jeanne to talk with her about representing me. I wanted her as my attorney because it was general knowledge in the community that she is a champion of women in divorce issues. I’m a man, but I thought to myself Why not have the best?

Later as her client, I learned that she truly doesn’t have any biases related to whether you are a man or woman. If you are her client, she is on your side.

In our first meeting, she questioned me about the sureness of my actions. Jeanne knows the difficulties that people go through emotionally and financially when getting a divorce. She asked me if I was sure this was what I wanted. I felt that she cared and was concerned about me.

I went home and thought about it for a couple of days and decided yes. I knew zero about divorce laws in Florida or what it would be like. Mostly, I figured it would be ugly and confrontational because of attorneys. They are the kind portrayed by Hollywood: Nobody gets anything except the attorneys.

I didn’t know there was another end of the spectrum with attorneys like Jeanne. She doesn’t encourage her clients to be confrontational or stubborn. Going to see her was always very pleasant, enjoyable and stress-free.

Jeanne explained to me the process of divorce in Florida and how the key factor is a 50/50 division of marital assets. It was helpful to work with Chris, her legal assistant. I knew the assets that had been acquired during my marriage very well. I told Chris about them and he created spreadsheets to show how they could be divided.

I didn’t take a hardnosed position on anything. But the divorce dragged on because of delays by my ex-wife’s attorney. In the end, we went to mediation. Jeanne and I were in one room and my ex-wife and her attorney were in another. I was glad we were in separate rooms; it would have been too emotional for me otherwise.

My ex-wife’s attorney cost ten times what Jeanne did, but I got much better service. I thought going through a divorce was going to be a nightmare but it wasn’t. Jeanne was able to keep things sane and calm and moving forward.

I would recommend Jeanne to anyone. If you are the initiator of the divorce, she will know how to proceed properly and with care. If you are on the other end, she will get you through it and into your new life.

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