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Marital Misconduct in Your Divorce

Divorces occur for many different reasons.  Since Florida is a “no fault” divorce state, your reasons for divorce aren’t legally important. The only requirement is that your marriage is “irretrievably broken.”  But, don’t be misled by the phrase “no fault.” Even though fault (marital misconduct) is not a legally required basis for divorce, it can...

What If My Judge Is Biased Against Me: Part One

Florida judges are supposed to maintain an impartial, fair attitude toward both parties in a divorce or other family law proceeding. Sometimes, however, one party may believe the judge favors the other party and is no longer neutral in the case. Perhaps the judge made a comment about the case or a party or a...

Florida Alimony – What’s on the Menu?

Alimony remains a hot topic in Florida divorce law. Florida law currently offers divorcing couples a smorgasbord of alimony possibilities, so long as one spouse can prove both a need for alimony and the other spouse’s ability to pay alimony. Currently on the legal menu are temporary alimony, bridge the gap alimony, rehabilitative alimony, durational...

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